Why does Homeopathy heal at the deepest level?

Why does Homeopathy heal at the deepest level?

One of the reasons why I have dedicated so much of my life and my practice of homeopathy is because of its power. It can treat disease states at every level of seriousness. For example, it is advantageous in what we call ‘acute’ illness. This means intense short-term diseases like flu, fever, colds, and some injuries. It is also highly effective in treating chronic diseases such as asthma, arthritis, eczema, kidney stones, and eye conditions.

It can help where conventional medicine has nothing to offer besides powerful medications like steroids and antibiotics that do so much harm to the body while they relieve symptoms. It is also excellent at resolving deep emotional states such as anxiety, unexpressed or lingering grief, and depression. Mental/emotional disorders like panic attacks and attention deficit disorder respond well to Homeopathy. Even when people have a terminal illness and organ changes that make it impossible for them to recover, homeopathy relieves their pain as well as bring peace to their sufferings in final days.

Homeopathic remedies work to stimulate your now vital force, or immune response, to heal your illness. Although they are taken in a form that resembles regular medicine, they are completely different. For example, if you had a bacterial infection such as a strep throat, the antibiotics you might take would kill the germs that caused the infection. However, if you were to take a homeopathic remedy for that same condition, the remedy would stimulate
your immune system to overcome/overpower the germs. And it would do this without causing any side effects whatsoever. Homeopathic remedies differ from regular medicines is in their timing. Many prescription s drugs need to accumulate in your system before they can affect it. Anti-depressants are one example. A person often may need to take an anti-depressant for several weeks before you can see any effect.

In homeopathy, there is no such thing as a cumulative effect. You can take one dose of a remedy and have an immediate effect. Or you can take one dose and have an effect several days or weeks later without taking any more doses. This is because the remedy works deeply in your system to mobilize your own healing potential. People who have been seriously ill and/or ill for a long time may require a longer period before they notice a response to a remedy. They may also require repeated dosing for a few months. A homeopath will carefully Observe your response to the remedy and determine the potency and frequency of repetition. HomeopathicVibes provides the best homeopathic treatment and remedies in Sunnyvale, California. I have treated thousands of successful patients who were suffering from chronic diseases. The best homeopathic doctor and clinic in Sunnyvale, CA.

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