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Harminder Singh is a homeopathy doctor in Sunnyvale ca specializing in treating allergies, sinus problems, skin disorders, P.M.S., acne, acidity, non-specific headaches, and other conditions and illnesses which do not respond to conventional treatments.

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During this consultation, I will interview and get a detailed picture of symptoms and ailments are recorded in a file. The consultant then tries to find a homeopathic remedy which matches with the totality of symptoms on the client’s profile.

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I have been practicing classical homeopathy for more than 18 years with great success. I started HomeopathicVibes, a consultancy based in Sunnyvale, California in 2009.

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Armed with little more than a first class professional degree (D.H.M.S) and fierce determination, I took up the challenge of winning for Homeopathy the medical respect that it rightfully deserved. My aim is to give you the best possible homeopathic treatment and to be one of the top homeopathic doctors In Bay Area & San Jose.


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What are homeopathic remedies?

Homeopathy remedies are alternative methods of treatment based on nature’s “Law of Cure.” The truth of this law was discovered by a German scientist Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in 1796 and has been verified clinically and experimentally for over two hundred years. Homeopathy is a natural, safe, gentle and effective way of treatment. Homeopathic remedies are diluted and purified beyond the point of harm to its quintessential state of energy through the process of dynamization or potentization.

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What is Homeopathy?

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann was a German physician who earned his Doctor of Medicine degree in 1779. At the time of his graduation, scientific advances were beginning to be seen in the fields of chemistry, physics, physiology, and anatomy.

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Why choose Homeopathy?

Many individuals seek out homeopathy because they are looking for a holistic, natural way to heal themselves. Perhaps they do not want to take prescription medicines or want to reduce their need for pharmaceuticals.

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Evidence for Homeopathy

The widely accepted method of proving whether or not a medical intervention works is called a randomized controlled trial (RCT). One group of patients, the control group, receives a placebo (a “dummy” pill) or standard treatment.

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