Mr. Harminder is one of the person who treats you more like a friend than a doctor always ready to help. I admire his capabilities to find the root cause of the disease and suggest a cure which is natural and has no side effects in the long run. My wife had chronic headache and she had to take pain relief medicines every day in order to feel better. After getting tired of allopathic treatment one of my friends recommended to meet Mr. Harminder. After his treatment today she is totally free from the chronic headache.

Keyur P.

I visited with Mr. Harminder Singh at his clinic approximately over 4 months ago while vacationing in California and have been on his prescribed treatment plan since regarding hair loss, digestive systems, insomnia and a few other symptoms. I have been battling with these issues for the longest time as I can remember and was very cynical about taking on any new medication unless I knew their reaction to my body.

Ever since our first consultation, Mr Singh, was totally approachable yet professional and really understood what I wanted and began a plan to work with me in order to achieve my goals. He has been consistently following up with me to know of my progress and has been diligent in his efforts to eradicate me of my health problems.

I will recommend him to anyone who has lost hope and wishes to attempt a more natural therapy/remedy to address their issues. I have been very happy with my progress and wish to thank Mr. Singh for all his help and look to his continued support.

Ashika S

I My name is Manveen and i was suffering from Migraine problem and everyone can understand that how painful the migraine is. then one of my friend suggested me for homeopathic and i visited Mr Harminder Singh. He prescribed me the medicine which i was supposed to take several times a day and i got the relief. Now its been 1.5 months and i am healing quite well. I could not have found better and I thank him.

Manveen L.

I found Dr. Singh year ago and he quickly became someone I often go to whenever I have any sort of issues or anyone in my family.

He is patient and kind, really took the time to get to the bottom of what was going on with me and he is truly interested in your healing. I learned so much about myself and I’m on the road to healing If you have a medical condition he is there to help.

I know people don’t really know a lot about Homeopathy in this country but give him a try. He knows his stuff.

Smita J.

I heard Harminder Singh on radio speaking on homeopathic treatment and that got me interested. I had been seeing doctors for my problems spent bit of money with almost no result. Mr. Singh has been treating me for month and the result is promising and I am happy and relaxed almost positive things will get better. He is a good listener and very sensitive and understanding of my problems. I call him whenever in doubt or with questions, he returns every phone call. I am taking all my medicine as prescribed, Mr. Singh also helped me with diets, wrote a proper diet routine and that helps. I know it will take few months of treatment before I see more results but I am very positive and trust Mr. Singh and his work.

Savita P.

My 2 year old child was diagnosed with molluscum, viral skin infection. We were told by Dermatologist to wait it out or get it surgically removed. We started taking homeopathy medicines from Dr Singh and results were great. Within 3 months, all the warts were gone and my child loved the sweet white pills n drops. Highly recommended.

Girish P.

I recently went through one of the worst sickness of my life. it was a stomach infection of some unknown variety and after multiple trips to emergency rooms and doctors in three different cities and two different states AND after losing 20lbs, my mom convinced me to try homeopathy. dr singh’s regimen cleared up the problem in about 4 days flat. after about two weeks of being unable to hold down any sort of solid food, i was able to eat anything i wanted and was back to 100% in just a few days. i am now on a different regimen to clear up my hormonal imbalances and am excited to clear up this lifelong problem! thank you dr. singh, after this experience i am no longer doubtful about the power of homeopathy. youve got yourself a loyal patient in me! homeopathic vibes helped me where western medicine only made my problem worse. definitely give it a try!

Jusneet K.

Professional and caring attitude at every appointment impressed me. I had a chronic and stubborn condition. Mr. Harminder Singh was able to zero in in a short time and I started feeling better in a short time. I am happy to say today I am completely cured.

Also Mr. Singh’s treatment costs were reasonable.

Tribhawan G.

My fourteen year old daughter had been suffering from frequent headaches, periodically during the day, especially when exposed to extreme cold or heat. I discussed this with her pediatrician several times. The only advice she gave was “it will go away with time and try not going out in the sun without sun glasses”. Headaches started coming more frequently, making it difficult for her to participate at school discussions and debates she liked most.

At that time I decided to see Harminder Singh in order to try homeopathic treatment for my daughter. He helped us assess the problem, and asked my daughter to take homeopathic remedy. She took the medicine regularly for two months and then slowly cut back the medication to weekly booster dose and now she takes it occasionally never have any headaches.

We also consulted Harminder for the treating sports injuries for my son who frequently sprained his foot. Every time he hurts himself I put him on Homeopathic medicine recommended by Harminder Singh. His recovery is twice faster than traditional treatment without any known side effects.
Santa Clara 95150.

Balwinder K Grewal

My rheumatologist recommended Enbrel and other strong pain killers for inflammation in the joints of my hand and feet but that required a commitment for life. Also, it was considered very strong and the side effects were quite clear. I was reluctant to begin any treatment with the rheumatologist. My treatment included heavy-duty Ibuprofen daily. I also tried changing my diet along with taking enzymes and antioxidants. The results were fantastic, but if I did not stick with the diet or take the enzymes or antioxidants, my pain returned immediately. This treatment was obviously keeping my pain suppressed but not curing my arthritis. But Ibuprofen and all that was giving me stomach upset every time I take the pill.

I tried homeopathy with mixed feelings initially. The pain was soon accompanied by burning and heaviness of the feet. The symptoms were little bad in the beginning. Inflammation did not subside at first. After at least 3 changes of medicines, the pain is now quite reduced. With Harminder Singh’s treatment, the inflammation and the pain first stopped travelling around the body, and then significantly reduced. Harminder Singh’s treatment first stopped the pain from moving from one part of the body to another. Then with close monitoring of the medicine and dosages, my pains are almost reduced by 90%.

Harminder Singh is wonderful person to work with. He is compassionate, warm, and really committed to helping his patients. He monitors closely, sets realistic goals and expectations providing great care to his patients.
San Jose CA 95119.

M.Kapoor M

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