Homeopathic services

Homeopathic services

Serving Sunnyvale & San Jose, CA

A visiting client is examined by a qualified homeopathic consultant who interviews the patient, clearly assesses past history, including all physical, mental, and emotional symptoms. Any hereditary and finally, the uniqueness of the patient’s personality is also considered. Favorite foods, passions, cravings, individual traits, dreams, ambitions, and recreational preferences are recorded to build a profile to match possible homeopathic remedies. For your convenience, we have the following consultations tailored to suit your needs.

Initial consultation:

This consultation is for new clients and takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour, depending on client history. During this consultation, an interview with a detailed picture of symptoms and ailments is recorded in a file. The client gives consent for homeopathic treatment and signs disclaimer. The consultant then tries to find a homeopathic remedy that matches the totality of symptoms on the client’s profile.

Follow up consultation

Takes 20-30 minutes. This consultation is for our returning clients for the continuation of treatment and discusses any improvement in their health after the first remedy. During this visit, any change in clients’ symptoms or any new symptoms are recorded and compared with the start of treatment.

Consultation by phone

This is for our long-distance or overseas clients only. The client goes to the website, picks up the service, fills the form, agrees terms pay for services by Paypal, Credit card, or Western Union. The confirmation of the payment is sent. On a given time consultant makes phone calls to discuss disease and symptoms with the client. Discuss solutions and choices and duration of treatment. The patient profile is matched with the remedy profile, and the remedy is mailed to the client’s address.

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