Best infertility homeopathic doctor, clinic, treatment, remedies in Sunnyvale

Best infertility homeopathic doctor, clinic, treatment, remedies in Sunnyvale

Infertility is common nowadays. This is problem-related to both husband and wife. There may be a problem with any one of them or both. Over a year after the marriage even without any control if not conceived both husband and wife are required to undergo medical advice. Except for some congenital defects, there are medicines for both men and women without any side effects in the homeopathy. Best infertility homeopathic doctor, clinic, treatment, remedies in Sunnyvale.

If you do not conceive within one year after marriage husband and wife both should get medical advice. For women with infertility can be removed and get conceived by homeopathy medicines.

For most women, due to uterus weakness and anemia leads to irregular menstruation. Get rid of the weakness in the uterine circulation, and regulate menstruation Caulophyllum pulsatilla, Nat.mur., and Sepia serve as homeopathy medicines.

Various kinds of tumors in ovaries and uterus, infertility caused by unnatural processes (Cysts, Fibroids, Tumors) been removed by homeopathic medicines this does not need an operation.

Infertility Solutions and Medicines

Before going for treatments, we have to take a case history, menstruation methods, first menstruation, eagerness in sex, pain during sex, methods of having sex, days, time etc. Not only the medicines but also the diet plan is given to the couples and other suggestions are given. So that we can get good justice for infertility.

Primary Homeopathy Medicines:

Arumet, borax, Nat-Carb, Nat Mur, sepia, stone. Corp., Platina, kirahpaittis, heloniyas, Aletris, aknas, conium etc.

Intermediate Homeopathy Medicines:

Metorinam, sulfur, tairaytinam, pityuttarinam.

Arumet – great emotional stress, stressful life. The patient, to be honest with the culture of a decent way of life. They usually are the firstborn.

Borax – white discharge, painful periods

Nat-carb – Stubborn infertility

Non-retention of semen –  The semen’s are not retained in the vagina, an alkalinity of the vagina, foul-smelling, thick yellow colored painful discharge. Less menstruation.

Nat Mur – Aversion to coitus due to pain from dryness of vagina, earlier menstruation with profuse bleeding, Uterine Prolapse.

Sepia – Habitual abortion, uterine disposition, frustration in sex, pain during sexual intercourse, vaginal discharge and less bleeding.

Calc-carb, Nat-Mur, sulp – Infertility with profuse bleeding

Borax – Painful menstruation

Apismel, medorrinum – Block in Fallopian tubes

Iodum – Contraction in the ovary (Atrophy & ovary & Mamme)

Kali Brom – More eagerness in sex

Eupatoriumpus – Weakness in an ovary, pain in left ovary, more vaginal discharge.

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