Best anxiety homeopathic doctor, clinic, treatment & remedies in Sunnyvale

Best anxiety homeopathic doctor, clinic, treatment & remedies in Sunnyvale

Stress and anxiety are one of the most common problems in today’s generation and many people experience it time to time. The feeling of stress and anxiety triggered when an event or action makes you feel frustrated or nervous. For short term, the feeling of stress and anxiety is okay as it is helpful in overcoming any dangerous or challenging situation. Like if, you are worried about finding a job, stressed about exams or result, or being embarrassed in certain social gathering is okay because if we will not experience some stress and anxiety in our life then we might not get motivated to do a thing we need to do. Different people feel differently the effect of stress and anxiety. Anxiety is a feeling of fear and working in any situation whereas stress is identified easily. Stress and anxiety is a physical and psychological threat. Best anxiety homeopathic doctor, clinic, treatment & remedies in Sunnyvale & Fremont, CA.

In today’s hectic world, almost every 8 out of 10 people suffer from large doses of stress and anxiety. This results in a bad effect on health and mind and leaves us with negative and positive thoughts. A lot of stress can lead to serious illness and heart disease. Following are the major symptoms of stress and anxiety:

  • ·   A Headache
  • ·   Fast Heartbeat
  • ·   Shaking
  • ·   Sweating
  • ·   Uneasiness
  • ·   Fear
  • ·   Self-doubt
  • ·   Insomnia
  • ·   Digestive problem
  • ·   Depression
  • ·   Bruxism

In addition to physical symptoms anxiety and stress, cause bad effect on mental state also. Those who suffer from it for a long period of time they experience a negative effect on their health and because of it heart disease, blood pressure, headache, diabetes, panic disorder and depression happens. These can include:

  • ·  Restlessness
  • ·  Irrational Anger
  • ·  Difficulty concentrating
  • ·  Panic  or nervous
  • ·  Feeling of impending doom

Methods of controlling stress and anxiety:-

  1. ·   Learn relaxation techniques, do exercise and yoga on a regular basis
  2. ·   Get enough sleep
  3. ·   Don’t consume lots of alcohol, coffee, tea and tobacco consumption
  4. ·   Take breaks during working hours
  5. ·   For staying organized and control plan your daily activities.

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