Alternative & Homeopathic Services

I have passion for homeopathy. I am blessed to be born in family of Homeopaths. My grand father Dr. Hazara Singh Gill was great homeopath of his times. He did his M.B.H (Bachelor of Medicine in Homeopathy) from Punjab Homeopathic Medical College Lahore in 1925.That was the only homeopathic institution in Northern India at that time.

In early eighties, after graduating when I entered the profession; Homeopathy was still regarded as an ancient art, little better than faith healing, and practiced mainly by amateurs and retirees. It took me no time to recognize that Homeopathy would be the medical system of the future. I knew that journey may not be smooth for me as a professional Homeopath to bring it on par with conventional medicine by using technology to give it scientific backing. I strived incessantly to bring about the acceptance and legalization of Homeopathy in India at national level. I was instrumental in getting the legal status to Homeopathy and standardization of education institutes all over the Punjab during my college years at MKH Medical College and Hospital Ludhiana, Punjab.

Armed with little more than a first class professional degree (D.H.M.S) and fierce determination, I took up the challenge of winning for Homeopathy the medical respect that it rightfully deserved. I have served for Punjab Government as a Homeopathic Medical officer for several years and I have been a strategic partner with Homeopathic Department of Punjab and Council of Homeopathic Medicine Punjab on many regulatory affairs. Today Homeopathy is viewed as a modern, progressive, efficient, safe and effective medical option in India.    

 I have been practicing classic homeopathy for more than 15 years with great success. I started HomeopathicVibes, a consultancy based in Sunnyvale, California in 2009.  I am maintaining my active memberships of California Homeopathic Medical Society and National Center for Homeopathy U.S.A for many years and been attending seminars and many activities in the field of Homeopathy in bay area and elsewhere.

I regularly write articles in regional Punjabi magazines about health and homeopathy. I have been invited to many local radio stations in bay area to talk about health and Homeopathy. I translated print material for Asian American Donor society few years ago and was selected for volunteer of quarter award.

Transparency in business and abiding by their fundamental principles has brought me a long way in developing and maintaining excellent relationship with my patients and clients. The commitment and dedication in providing them with the best services helped me to earn the reputation of honest homeopath in bay area.

I am eager to assist patients who seek my consultation, healthcare providers, medical research organizations, health education institutions, patient advocacy groups as well as regulatory authorities that are considering homeopathy as an integrative approach.

I offer Homeopathic consultancy to persons interested in choosing homeopathy as an alternative to traditional treatment or as a complementary to traditional treatment.  I offer preventive and classical homeopathic treatment modalities for allergic conditions related to skin and respiratory systems, bronchial asthma management, supportive therapy for management of pre-menopausal and menopausal syndromes, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and headaches of non-specific origin.

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